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This website is operated by XLORD, and the term “we” on the website refers to XLORD. XLORD offers the information, products, and services available from this website to you for the users who conditioned upon acceptance of all of the terms,

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By visiting our site and/or purchasing something from us, you have subscribed to our “Service” and agreed to be subject to the following terms and conditions (Warranty Activation Terms), including those additional terms and conditions and policies mentioned here or linked to the Site in the form of link. These warranty activation terms apply to all users of XLORD VIEDMA.
Please read these terms of warranty activation carefully before entering or using the registration. To activate the warranty or use any of its services. You can view the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time by entering this page. We reserve the right to update, change or revise any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and/or changes to our Website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically to see if there are any new changes with your continued use or access to the website, after we post any new changes, implies your acceptance of those changes.

Conditions for activating the XLORD VIEDMA warranty:

1- This warranty is approved for the Xlord VIEDMA product and is valid for only one year for the front screen from the date of purchase. Xlord has limited the Warranty activation only to iPhone and does not include (iPad – watches – headphones). Customer can activate the warranty service and register XLORD VIEDMA from the date of purchasing the product and using the warranty card during the time period available to him and it is valid for only one year

2- The warranty includes only for breaking the front screen without the internal screen. And the warranty against breakage includes the front screen only and does not include the edges of the device , back of the device and device’s camera lens.

3-In the event that the protection is installed incorrectly or the product is installed in a store not approved by the company, the warranty will be rejected due to the lack of proper and conditional installation by the company and also the quality of the product. It has a detailed explanation on YouTube https://youtu.be/Yvy9VfNHQHo for e-store customers to serve them for proper installation.
4- The company provides several options for compensating the customer in the event that the front screen is broken and conforms to the terms of the warranty. The priority in the way of compensating the customer from the company is to provide maintenance service for the device by installing a new screen or replacing the device from the agent. The company bears the amount of 600 Saudi riyals only and the customer bears the additional cost on this service, if any.

5- In the event of claiming for warranty and fulfillment of the terms and conditions for quality assurance in maintenance from the agent by the company, the damaged device is sent and it is forbidden to remove the protection on it so that the customer does not lose the warranty service and ensure that the mobile phone meets the conditions

6- In the event that the customer does not want to send the device to be serviced by the agent, the company will develop the optimal solution if it suits it and they do not have the maintenance service. The authorized distributors will be compensated after reviewing the company or transferring to the customer’s account after the conditions are met and an alternative screen is provided to the customer sent by the company to the approved distributors of the product and it is installed by them, and the cost is calculated in full with the installation. The company bears the amount of 600 riyals only and the customer bears what exceeds that, if any. The broken screen is sent to the company to ensure that the warranty conditions are met to be compensated.

7- The warranty does not include damage or breakage resulting from misuse, such as dropping the device in water, high-damage shocks, bending the device by the customer or any defect resulting from misuse. These cases are not covered under warranty.

8- The warranty is obtained from the authorized agent and the authorized sales centers for (XLORD) products and electronic stores. When you want to obtain the XLORD VIEDMA warranty, the invoice for the purchase of the product must be made by the authorized agent or an online store approved by XLORD, approved and accepted through our website.

9- A copy of the purchase invoice and the device’s information is to be uploaded to the warranty page within a maximum period of 72 hours from the time of purchasing the product. When activating the warranty, all the data required of you must be entered accurately. It is not accepted in the event of a lack of the entered information. After that, it is necessary to upload a copy of the invoice for purchasing the product from an authorized distributor or an online store approved by XLORD within a maximum period of 72 hours, that is within three days from the date of purchasing the XLORD VIEDMA product.

10- When requesting the activation of the warranty, the customer must upload photo of the device on the XLORD VIEDMA product with all its accessories such as a front sticker, a back thermal cover, camera protection and also the case. When removing the sticker from the front screen in case of breakage, the right to compensation and claim the warranty shall be forfeited, and the company cannot compensate the customer in this case.

11- Compensation is made through the warranty website https://xlord.co/. It is not possible to accept a warranty registered on different websites or with authorized distributors and authorized electronic distributors as well. The warranty request is submitted through our website only in the link attached above.

12- Compensation is made within a maximum period of 15 working days when the required conditions are met and after passing the initial examination. After submitting a request to activate the warranty and filling in the required data accurately, you will receive our warranty card. And when the front screen is broken, a note is raised and the warranty card is attached via our website https://xlord.co/ and choose the warranty button and then choose to raise the note and fill out the form required of you with attaching the warranty card sent to you previously at the activation step or attaching the number. After that you will be answered via the warranty e-mail, and if the company agrees to the compensation, the compensation and replacement process will be carried out within a maximum period of 15 working days after passing the preliminary examination stages for compensation and replacement.

13- When the terms and conditions are met and the maintenance service is not provided, the compensation will be in the amount of a maximum of 600 riyals. After raising the note to break the front screen of the device via the company’s e-mail, it is processed by the Maintenance and Replacement Center. In the event of refusal to provide maintenance and replacement service, the customer who fulfills all the terms and conditions written above will be compensated with a maximum amount of 600 riyals provided by XLORD.

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