We are in the field of battles for protection film makers for providing high in strength and rapid innovations to protect devices for those who loves the creativity and lightness, Xlord offers with all the distinction and strength for protection film makers a set of economic protection to spread strength and enthusiasm in your world.

LCD protector

A new and innovative idea in the world of film protection, consisting of two layers of LCD protection with a matte finish on the top and a full transparent layer below it. First layer can be removed according to your wish. Features are – Front screen protector, shock resistant and anti-fingerprints, anti-blue protection to protect your eyes from rays, dust proof protection for the upper speakers from dust and water that can be removable at your desired

Back protection film

Comes with two different layers, that is edges with clear to match iPhone nickel color and matte back to match iPhone matte finish that is resistant to fingerprints and gives the device its original shape and color

Back protection case

For those who lover creativity and excellent design, the basic protection cover from X-Lord is characterized by lightness in weight, high protection for the device, and protects from the sides to sides. It also supports the Magsafe and the wireless charger without any additional metal rings

Camera lens protector

Camera protection has been developed to obtain complete protection for the cameras and its surrounding area ensuring high clarity in photography with easy installation