In a world full of challenges and developments

In the world of technology and quick ideas for technical solutions

For those who appreciate the value of time

For those who are passionate about technology and fast solutions

A beating heart with technology looted you

Inside a case characterized by high strength and flexibility

To launch in your world with enthusiasm

We plundered you …

X Viedma

Protection Full Set Package For Your Mobile

Modified features Phone case

Supports Viedma Technology

Portable side curved design

Ultra protection from dust and water

Antishock  doubled edges 

Patented Number

WIPO/KSA/ 342107100

4 Steps are enough to share your world

Download XLord application

Open the application

Enter the information

Share your information

Pairing the smart case with your phone

The front sticker

This sticker has been invented and designed from distinct materials, high-quality technology and multiple layers. This sticker has the feature of preserving the eye from harmful rays, high ease of touch, resistance to fingerprints and gives clarity and is also characterized by preserving the front speakers from dust and water high for vision.

Camera protector

Camera protection has been developed by the best engineers to obtain complete protection for the cameras and the surrounding area and is characterized by ease of installation and high clarity in taking photos.

Protection back film

No for the impossible, the back protection features several layers of distinctive design that are consistent with the device from the back and sides to show you the wonderful appearance of your device and additional protection from scratches and shocks.

Setup set

A tool for installing front and back protection as well as the parties in an easy, fast and uncomplicated way for all devices 

Patented Number
WIPO/KSA/ 3421667683

Easy to install

Xlord 2020