For those who loves the strength and excellence out of the ordinary, XLORD brings you all the beauty, allure and strength of VIEDMA HOLDER
An innovative grip in the world to keep up with your daily needs and to enjoy

 Product Description

  • Flexibility and ease of use while shooting, watching, and more. VEVIDMA HOLDER enables you to have complete control over holding the phone and the ability to save it from sudden falls.
  • VIEDMA HOLDER has been designed and manufactured from premium and high-quality materials to show its softness and gentle feelling on hands, making it easier and more comfortable to use.
  • VIEDMA HOLDER supports magsafe and car holder magnets as well.
  • Thin in appearance and light in weight
  • VIEDMA HOLDER is a versatile holder with a horizontal position and a right angle of 90 degrees for viewing experience .
  • Available in 6 different colors to suit customer’s preference.
  • VIEDMA HOLDER helps you to protect the phone from breakage in the event of a sudden fall.


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